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Adding a Callback Service

The following procedure is required for both voice and chat scenarios.

Prerequisite: You must have already loaded the Callback Service template in the GMS Service Management UI.


  1. Open the GMS Service Management UI:
    • <GMS Local Host>:8080/genesys
  2. Go to Services > Configured Services, and click Add Service.
  3. Configure the following fields (see the example screenshot to the right):
    • Configure Service – callback
    • Service Name - <enter a name for this service>
    • Common Default Configuration - select a voice or chat scenario from the following options:
      • User Originated Immediate (voice)
      • User Originated Delayed (voice)
      • User Terminated Immediate (voice)
      • User Terminated Delayed (voice)
      • User Terminated Preview (voice)
      • Chat Immediate
      • Chat Delayed
  4. Click Save. The Callback service that you just added now appears in the Configured Services screen.
  5. (Optional) You can select callback from the drop-down list on the right, so only Callback services will be visible in the Configured Services screen.


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