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Deployment Guide

This deployment guide can be used to install the Genesys WebRTC Service in your environment. It includes the following information:

  • New In This Release—An overview of new features and improvements included with each release of the Genesys WebRTC Service.
  • Product Overview—An overview of the Genesys WebRTC Service.
  • Deploying WebRTC Service—Step-by-step guide to installing and deploying the Genesys WebRTC Service on your computer.
  • Deployment Models—A description of how the Genesys WebRTC Service can be deployed in a production environment, taking into account a variety of typical deployment types.
  • Log Events Reference—Descriptions of the log events generated by the Genesys WebRTC Gateway.
  • Configuration Options Reference—Descriptions of the configuration options available for Genesys WebRTC applications.
  • Hardware Sizing Information—Useful hardware sizing and performance information.

Next Steps

After you have successfully installed the Genesys WebRTC Service, you might want to read the Genesys WebRTC Service Developer's Guide to find general guidelines and programming advice when working with your Genesys WebRTC Service deployment.

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