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Migration Prerequisites

Check the Genesys Supported Operating Environment Reference Guide for the supported platforms and databases, as well as the additional software required to operate WFM 8.5.0. If you intend run a new instance of WFM, you must first update the supported operating environment.

Genesys Framework Components

You must have deployed the following Genesys Framework components in your environment to support forecasting, scheduling, and adherence capabilities:

  • Configuration Server
  • Genesys Administrator or Configuration Manager
  • T-Server
  • Stat Server

Framework Version

For full interoperability with Workforce Management 8.5.0, use Genesys Framework 7.2 or later releases. Using Workforce Management 8.5.0 with component releases earlier than 7.2 limits use of the Configuration Wizards, Management Layer support, and Reason Code support.

Workforce Management Versions

You can update to WFM 8.5.0 from any WFM 8.x or 7.x release or migrate a 6.5 release.

When you deploy WFM, ensure all components are within the same release stream. For example, if you are using an 8.5.0 database, ensure all other WFM components are version 8.5.0.

If you are currently running a release of Workforce Management earlier than, the WFM Database Utility must change the original database structure during the update process in such a way that you can no longer use your original database in your existing environment. Genesys recommends that you backup your database before beginning your migration.

Database Sizing

Release Sizing requirements
Updating WFM 8.x The database size required for WFM 8.5.0 is approximately the same as for all 8.x release of WFM.
Updating WFM 7.x The database size required for WFM 8.5.0 is approximately the same as for the 7.x release of WFM.
Migrating WFM 6.5 The ratio of a WFM 6.5 database to a WFM 8.x database is approximately 11:9. The WFM 8.x database is actually smaller than the WFM 6.5 database. However, forecast and schedule scenarios are stored in the 8.1.x database, rather than in a local or network file. When you add the space that is required to store scenarios, the database size needed for WFM 8.x comes to approximately the same size as that required for WFM 6.5.
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