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SIP Feature Server Support for GDPR

This page describes product-specific aspects of SIP Feature Server support for the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in premise deployments. For general information about Genesys support for GDPR compliance, see General Data Protection Regulation.

Disclaimer: The information contained here is not considered final. This document will be updated with additional technical information.

SIP Feature Server stores the voicemail data in recording or metadata format. Feature Server will fetch the ANI from the input file and process the voicemail delete process once per day scheduled by an automatic trigger.

In the Feature Server application, the following option can be configured for each vendor under gdpr section:

  • gdpr-directory

Forget Me

From Feature Server release, the Forget Me feature is supported. For more information, see Forget Me.

Scheduling Tasks

Scheduled maintenance tasks are executed from the master Feature Server. You can set Forget Me using the ScheduledTasks application options.

The following options will enable automatic script execution of Forget Me:

  • forget-me.active = true (Activate/Deactivate)
  • forget-me.cmd = forgetMe.py --dbhost <host> --dbport <port> (Command line)
  • forget-me.schedule = 0 51 14 ? * * (Schedule)

Right to Access

The Export option has to be performed manually. An automated option is scheduled to be delivered in Q3 2018.


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