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Section: TServer
Default Value: No default value
Valid Values: Any valid thumbprint
Changes Take Effect: On reconnect to the UCMA Connector

Specifies a certificate thumbprint T-Server uses for connection to any instance of the connectors.

Transport Layer Security

T-Server supports the standard Transport Layer Security (TLS) Protocol, which offers confidentiality, integrity protection, and data compression to client/server applications. T-Server also supports TLS connections with Management Framework, T-Library clients, and between internal T-Server components (T-Server and UCMA Connector). Any matching TLS certificates can be used for secure connection (not just produced by Genesys). For a detailed description of how the TLS protocol works, see the relevant RFCs:

  • RFC 5246—The Transport Layer Security (TLS) Protocol
  • RFC 4568—Session Description Protocol (SDP) Security Descriptions for Media Streams
  • RFC 3711—The Secure Real-time Transport Protocol (SRTP)

You can also find a more general description of TLS and how Genesys uses the protocol in the Genesys Security Deployment Guide.

Configuring TLS Between T-Server and Connector

Configuring the TLS Connection for the Connector

The UCMA Connector supports two different ways of configuring TLS connection:

  • The value of the certificate thumbprint, or its friendly name can be configured in the [startupOptions] section of the connector's configuration file. For example:
   <add key="connectorCertificate" value="416af925efade88309cdf203813e1e3b19f6"/>
  • The value of certificate thumbprint, or its friendly name can be provided in the command line. The command line option name is –connectorCertificate. For example:
    Mslync_connector.exe –connectorCertificate "416af925efade88309cdf203813e1e3b19f6"
The option in the command line takes precedence over the value set in the configuration file.

Configuring the TLS Connection for T-Server

T-Server uses the Application-level conn-certificate option for configuring the secure connection. The value of the option is used each time T-Server performs a connection to any connector. In the [TServer] section of the T-Server Application object, set the conn-certificate option to a valid thumbprint—for example, 416af925efade88309cdf203813e1e3b19f6c283, or 6a f9 25 ef ad e8 83 09 cd f2 03 81 3e 1e 3b 19 f6 c2 83.

Note that you can provide two formats for the thumbprint. As shown in the above example, both forms are acceptable as long as the value corresponds to the thumbprint of a valid certificate available in the Certificate store. The spaces are for convenience.

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