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Single sign on with Workspace Web Edition

Genesys Softphone 8.5.3 introduces an HTTP/HTTPS connector to simplify using Genesys Softphone with Workspace Web Edition (WWE):

  • Single sign-on—WWE can now control the SIP settings for Softphone based on explicit WWE centralized options and agent login credentials (Place and DN).
  • Simplified deployment—each agent workstation can now run the same application and configuration files, avoiding workstation specific configuration.

These features reduce the amount of configuration for Softphone and simplify deployment.

Configuring Softphone for Workspace Web Edition

  1. Create a common Softphone.config configuration file for all workstations. Uncomment and configure the options in the connector section of the policy domain:

    <Container name ="Genesys">
    	<domain name="policy">
    		<section name="connector">
    		<!-- Activates HTTP or HTTPS communication. 
                    Requires a port defined in the port option. -->
              	<setting name="protocol" value="http"/>
              	<!-- Specifies the port used when communicating in HTTP or HTTPS -->
              	<setting name="port" value="8000"/>
              	<!-- Activates the SESSIONID in cookies -->
    	        <setting name="enable_sessionid" value="1"/>
    	        <!-- Gives a thumbprint string value Workspace 
                    uses to select a certificate if the 'protocol' option 
                    is set to HTTPS. -->
    	        <setting name="certificate_search_value" value="55 75 66 dd af 08 23 b6 18 80 fd 19 69 f8 4a 3d e5 c7 94 a5"/>
    	        <!-- Specifies if the Softphone application is auto started 
                    or started by the client application.-->
    	        <setting name="standalone" value="1"/>

    You must synchronize the values of the protocol (HTTP or HTTPS) and port settings with the SIP Endpoint connectivity option configured on WWE side, see the sipendpoint.uri option in the WWE SIP Endpoint configuration page.

    When you specify HTTPS in the protocol setting you must configure the certificate_search_value setting so Genesys Softphone can open a secured port for WWE to send HTTPS requests. You must populate this setting with a thumbprint accessible from the Certificate Store of the agent workstation. In order to get the same thumbprint configured on all Softphone instances, Genesys recommends you generate a wildcard certificate for the domain the agents belong and make the certificate available to all agents through regular Microsoft Windows GPO rules.

    Configure additional Softphone options in your common configuration file.

  2. Install Genesys Softphone and your common configuration file on each agent workstation, commonly done using products like Microsoft SMS.

    Once installed, agents can now login using WWE and use Softphone as the SIP endpoint.

Overriding option values

You can override most Softphone options when you provision Workspace Web Edition options. You can override all options in the proxies and system domain and you can override the endpoint, session, and device section of the policy domain.

Options in the Connector section of the policy domain must be specified in the configuration file and cannot be overridden. WWE implicitly controls configuration for options in the Basic container to enable single sign-on with WWE.

Overriding an Option

To override a Softphone option when provisioning WWE, convert the option to the following format:


For example, to override the ringing_file setting in the media section, configure sipendpoint.system.media.ringing_file in your WWE provisioning. See the options reference for a list of Softphone settings.

Overriding Codecs

You can also override options in the codecs domain. Additionally, you can use the following option, available only through the overriding mode and not present in the configuration file, to enable/disable a particular codec or to adjust codec priorities:

Enabling a codec:

sipendpoint.codecs.<codec_name>.priority = "3"
sipendpoint.codecs.<codec_name>.payload_type = "105"

Disabling a codec:

sipendpoint.codecs.<codec_name>.priority = -1

Adjusting priority of a codec:

sipendpoint.codecs.<codec_name>.priority = <value_between_0_and_127>

Signing on with WWE

Before starting WWE, agents need to have Softphone running. Agents can startup Softphone manually or you can configure your Windows Operating System to auto-start Softphone at start-up.

User interface and call controls

When using Softphone with WWE, Softphone disables its default user interface. Instead, agents can use the WWE user interface for call controls, mute, and volume control. For information on the WWE user interface, see the WWE Help Guide.

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