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Handling Call Forwarding Loop

In a SIP Server deployment with the Unified OpenScape Voice platform, you can configure SIP Server to support call forwarding from a back office phone to an agent phone, without creating an extra T-Library call in SIP Server.

Feature Configuration

Set the sip-enhance-diversion option to true.


Setting: TServer section, Application level
Default Value: false
Valid Values: false, true
Changes take effect: For the next call

Specifies how SIP Server processes an INVITE message based on the value of the Diversion header. If the option is set to true and the Diversion header references the call forwarding party, SIP Server rejects that INVITE, waits until that rejection is propagated by the PBX back to the SIP Server in the original SIP dialog, and sends a new INVITE message to a forwarding destination.

Feature Limitations

This feature does not apply to the scenario in which an external number is forwarding multiple calls back to SIP Server simultaneously.

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