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SIP Server and Cisco Media Gateway Integration Overview

The SIP Server and Cisco Media Gateway integration solution described in this topic is not the only method that will work. Although there are other methods, this is the only one that has been tested and approved by Genesys, and that is supported by Genesys Customer Support.

The following Cisco IOS Software versions were tested:

  • 2800 Series
  • 3700 Series
  • 3800 Series
  • 5300 Series
  • 5400 Series

For confirmation of the supported Cisco IOS Software versions, contact Genesys Technical Support. For more information about Cisco IOS Software, go to the Cisco web site at http://www.cisco.com/.

Deployment Architecture

The following figure depicts a sample deployment architecture of SIP Server with Cisco Media Gateway.

SIP Server - Cisco Media Gateway Deployment Architecture

Integration Task Summary

To integrate SIP Server with Cisco Media Gateway, complete the following procedures:

1. Configure Cisco Media Gateway.

2. Configure a Trunk DN for Cisco Media Gateway.

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