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Configuring DN Objects

Configure a Trunk DN for Cisco Media Gateway under the Switch object associated with SIP Server in the Configuration Layer.

Configuring a Trunk DN for Cisco Media Gateway


  1. Under a configured Switch object, select the DNs folder. From the File menu, select New > DN to create a new DN object.
  2. In the New DN Properties dialog box, click the General tab, and then specify the following properties (see the following figure):
    1. Number: Enter the gateway name.
    2. Type: Select Trunk from the drop-down box.
  3. Click the Annex tab.
  4. Create a section named TServer. In the TServer section, create options as specified in the following table.

    Option Name

    Option Value


    contact <ipaddress>:<SIP port> The contact URI that SIP Server uses for communication with the gateway, where <ipaddress> is the IP address of the gateway and <SIP port> is the SIP port number of the gateway.
    oos-check 0-300 How often (in seconds) SIP Server checks a DN for out-of-service status.
    oos-force 0-30 How long (in seconds) SIP Server waits before placing a DN out of service.
    prefix Any numerical string The initial digits of the number that SIP Server matches to determine whether this trunk should be used for outbound calls. For example, if prefix is set to 78, dialing a number starting with 78 will cause SIP Server to consider this trunk a gateway or SIP proxy. If multiple Trunk objects match the prefix, SIP Server will select the one with the longest prefix that matches.
    priority Any non-negative integer The gateway priority that SIP Server uses to decide a route. A smaller number designates higher priority. If more than one gateway with the same prefix is selected, the gateway with highest priority is normally selected. This priority option is used to control primary-backup gateway switchover, and to provide lowest-cost routing.
    refer-enabled false Set this option to false for SIP Server to use a re-INVITE request method when contacting the gateway. This is the only method supported in the Cisco Media Gateway configuration.
    recovery-timeout 0-86400 The length of time that a device is set to out-of-service in case of an error.
    replace-prefix Any numerical string The digits that replace the prefix in the DN. For example, if prefix is set to 78, and replace-prefix is set to 8, the number 786505551212 will be replaced with 86505551212 before it is sent to the gateway or SIP proxy (here, Cisco Media Gateway).
  5. When you are finished, click Apply.


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