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Configuring CUCM

This is an overview of the main steps that are required to configure CUCM. Refer to the Cisco Unified Communcations Manager documentation for standard configuration procedures.

  1. Configure Cisco Phones to point to CUCM. Genesys SIP Server currently supports this integration with only SIP Phones that are compatible with CUCM.
  2. Ensure that the Service Parameter Configuration for the [server-name], the Clusterwide parameters (System – Presence) for Default Inter-Presence Group Subscription is set to Allow Subscription.
  3. Ensure that the SIP Trunk Security Profile > Outgoing Transport Type is set to UDP, and the Accept Presence Subscription checkbox is selected.
  4. Build a SIP Trunk to point it to the SIP Server host using the SIP Trunk Security Profile configured in the previous step, with an appropriate Inbound Calling Search Space and SUBSCRIBE Calling Search Space.

Note: If a Presence Group is added to segregate resources, the SIP trunk and all appropriate resources must be in the same Presence Group, and resources must also share the same SUBSCRIBE Calling Search Space.

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