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Stat Server 8.5 Deployment Guide

Welcome to the Framework 8.5 Stat Server Deployment Guide. This manual introduces you to the configuration, installation, and start procedures that are relevant to Stat Server. This guide is valid only for the 8.5.x releases of Stat Server.

Stat Server is part of the Services Layer of the Genesys Framework. This key component is used by other Genesys solutions and Solution Reporting to track the real-time states of interaction management resources and to calculate basic measurements about the performance of contact center events and activities.

This guide, primarily intended for network, IT, and contact center administrators, assumes that you have a basic understanding of:

  • Computer-telephony integration (CTI) concepts, processes, terminology, and applications.
  • Network design and operation.
  • Your own network configurations.

You should also be familiar with Genesys Framework and Genesys solutions architecture and functions.

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