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Known Issues and Recommendations

Message Server

The Known Issues and Recommendations section is a cumulative list for all 8.5.x releases of Message Server. This section provides the latest information on known issues and recommendations associated with this product. It includes information on when individual items were found and, if applicable, corrected. The Resolved Issues section for each release describes the corrections and may list additional issues that were corrected without first being documented as Known Issues.

See also Internationalization Issues.

On Windows, PostgreSQL DB client may terminate unexpectedly or operate incorrectly if any of the environment variables used by PostgreSQL to locate files on the filesystem are provisioned without proper escaping of "\" character. Make sure you provision the Windows paths according to the PostgreSQL documentation. For more details, see PostgreSQL Databases.

On Linux, Message server using Microsoft ODBC driver does not connect to the MS SQL database while using Data Source Name (DSN).

ID: MFWK-21493 Found In: Fixed In:

On Linux, Message Server is currently using Microsoft ODBC 13.X driver for direct connections to MS SQL database. This restricts the use of non-ASCII characters when working with databases that have non-Unicode native codepages. For more details on the restrictions, see the Microsoft documentation for the specified driver version.

ID: MFWK-20771 Found In: Fixed In: 

Message Server might not work properly in environments with License Reporting Manager (LRM) 8.5 when a large entitlement file is used.

Workaround: To ensure that Message Server works properly in this scenario, do not deploy LRM and install Framework with no dependency on LRM, as recommended in the Known Issues section of the Configuration Server Release Note.

ID: MFWK-21493 Found In: Fixed In: 

Message Server might not work properly if it is being used in multi-threaded mode.

Workaround: For Message Server, do not enable multi-threaded mode. For previous versions of Message Server 8.5, disable multi-threaded mode by setting the environment variable GCTI_MS_CONN_STARTUP_DEFAULT to 1 (one) before starting Message Server.

ID: MFWK-16648 Found In: Fixed In: 

When Message Server loses its connection with the Log Database, it tries to reconnect a few times. If these attempts are unsuccessful, it stops trying. Likewise, if the connection recovers another way, Message Server does not connect to the database.

ID: MFWK-16523 Found In: Fixed In:

When Message Server is running on UNIX and is configured to connect directly to the DBMS (the default behavior), if it experiences connectivity issues with the DBMS, it might generate zombie (defunct) dbclient processes when trying to reconnect. The longer the Message Server is unable to reconnect to the DBMS, the more zombie (defunct) processes are created and consuming memory.

Workaround: To remove the zombie (defunct) processes, stop the main Message Server process.

Recommendation: Genesys strongly recommends that you restart Message Server if it is unable to connect to the DBMS for a long period of time. This avoids the creation of a large number of zombie (defunct) processes consuming memory.

ID: MFWK-16271 Found In: Fixed In:

The logs of the backup Message Server might contain one or more error messages similar to this:

FDEPollQueue.cpp:50 FDEPollQueue::OnEventMaskSet epoll_ctl returned error - badf, 9.

You can safely ignore these messages; they do not affect the functionality of the backup or primary Message Server.

ID: MFWK-15771 Found In: Fixed In:

The Application metadata for Management Framework Application Templates contains an incorrect spelling of the message_format option. The correct spelling is message-format. The option will not take effect for Application objects created from one of these templates unless the spelling is changed.

Workaround: Manually update the name of the application option, either in the Application Template object itself, or in the Application objects created from the template.

ID: MFWK-15683 Found In: Fixed In:

If Message Server is used with an MS SQL Log Database, and UTF8 is enabled, binding mode must be disabled. Otherwise, log messages might not be written to the Log Database properly.

ID: MFWK-15679 Found In: Fixed In:

If both servers of an HA pair are located on a single host, and if you configure Client-side Port settings (the port and backup-port options) for the connection to Message Server from the primary server, these options are automatically propagated to the corresponding backup server. As a result, after switchover, the backup server cannot connect to Message Server. In the case of Configuration Server or Solution Control Server, the connection is established, but only after 5 to 10 minutes.

Workaround: Locate the backup server on a different host than the primary server, or manually change the Client-side Port settings for the backup server.

ID: MFWK-13789 Found In: Fixed In: 

Internationalization Issues

Information in this section is included for international customers.

There are no internationalization issues for this product.

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