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AGT_QUEUE_ABN Subject Area

AGT_QUEUE_ABN Subject Area View Large

Subject Area Dimensional Model Tables

Table/View Description
DATE_TIME Allows facts to be described by attributes of a calendar date and 15-minute interval.
INTERACTION_DESCRIPTOR Allows interaction facts to be described by deployment-specific business attributes that characterize the interaction, such as service type and customer segment.
INTERACTION_TYPE Allows facts to be described based on interaction type, such as Inbound, Outbound or Internal.
IRF_USER_DATA_CUST_1 Is provided as a sample of a table to store high-cardinality data that comes as deployment-specific, user-defined business attributes that characterize the interaction. By default, this table is not included in the schema.
MEDIA_TYPE Allows facts to be described based on media type, such as Voice.
RESOURCE Allows facts to be described based on the attributes of contact center resources.
WORKBIN Allows facts to be described based on the type and owner of the workbin instance, such as an agent, a place, or a group thereof.
AGR_SCFG This internal table stores the thresholds that are associated with the handling of contact center interactions.
AGT_QUEUE_ABN_HOUR Rollup of interactions that were abandoned within an ACD queue, Virtual queue, Interaction queue, or Workbin.
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