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Welcome to the Developer's Guide!

This document introduces you to the tools and examples provided to help you get started with Platform SDK development.

Developer articles for the Platform SDK are divided broadly into the following categories:

For additional information about the Platform SDKs, please check the introductory materials provided as part of the Platform SDK API Reference for your release.

Introductory and Feature-Specific Topics

Server-Specific SDK Protocols

Platform SDK Protocol Genesys Server(s) Related Documentation
Configuration Platform SDK Configuration Server
Contacts Platform SDK Universal Contact Server
Management Platform SDK Message Server

Solution Control Server

Local Control Agent

LCA Hang-Up Detection Support
Open Media Platform SDK Interaction Server
Outbound Contact Platform SDK Outbound Contact Server
Routing Platform SDK Universal Routing Server

Custom Server

Statistics Platform SDK Stat Server
Voice Platform SDK T-Servers
Web Media Platform SDK Chat Server

E-Mail Server Java

Callback Server

Library Components

Library Component Releated Documentation
Platform SDK Log Library
Platform SDK Switch Policy Library Using the Switch Policy Library

Application Blocks

Application Block Releated Documentation
Application Template Application Block (Java)
Configuration Object Model Application Block
Message Broker Application Block
Protocol Manager Application Block
Warm Standby Application Block

New Content by Release

This section provides a quick outline of developer content based on the release where that information first became relevant, or where it where last updated.

Release 8.1.1 New Features:

Release 8.1.0

New Features:

Release 8.0

  • Please refer to developer information provided as part of the introductory material in the Platform SDK API Reference for this release.

Release 7.6

Additional Resources

The following page contains reference materials that may be useful when developing applications with Platform SDK.

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