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Queue Metrics and Agent Stats

This section contains Tables of queue metrics and agent statistics.

Queue Metrics

The following Table lists queue metrics, and maps Advisors metrics to Stat Server metrics.

Metric Storage Column Source Metric Time Profile Time Range Filtered
ACWTimeHalf ACWTime Last30MinsGrowing N/A Yes
ACWTimeTo5 ACWTime Last5Mins N/A Yes
ACWTimeToday ACWTime OneDay N/A Yes
AnswerWaitTimeHalf AnswerWaitTimeQueue Last30MinsGrowing N/A Yes
AnswerWaitTimeTo5 AnswerWaitTimeQueue Last5Mins N/A Yes
AnswerWaitTimeToday AnswerWaitTimeQueue OneDay N/A Yes
CallsAnsweredHalf CallsAnsweredQueue Last30MinsGrowing N/A Yes
CallsAnsweredTo5 CallsAnsweredQueue Last5Mins N/A Yes
CallsAnsweredToday CallsAnsweredQueue OneDay N/A Yes
CallsClearedTo5 CallsCleared Last5Mins N/A Yes
CallsClearedHalf CallsCleared Last30Mins, Growing N/A Yes
CallsClearedToday CallsCleared OneDay, Growing N/A Yes
CallsEnteredHalf CallsEntered Last30Mins N/A Yes
CallsHandledHalf CallsHandledQueue Last30MinsGrowing N/A Yes
CallsHandledTo5 CallsHandledQueue Last5Mins N/A Yes
CallsHandledToday CallsHandledQueue OneDay N/A Yes
CallsOfferedHalf CallsOfferedQueue Last30MinsGrowing N/A Yes
CallsOfferedTo5 CallsOfferedQueue Last5Mins N/A Yes
CallsOfferedToday CallsOfferedQueue OneDay N/A Yes
CallsOutTo5 CallsOut Last5Mins N/A Yes
CallsOutHalf CallsOut Last30MinsGrowing N/A Yes
CallsOutToday CallsOut OneDay N/A Yes
ExpectedDelay ExpectedDelay Last5Mins N/A Yes
HandleTimeHalf HandleTime Last30MinsGrowing N/A Yes
HandleTimeTo5 HandleTime Last5Mins N/A Yes
HandleTimeToday HandleTime OneDay N/A Yes
RouterCallsAbandQHalf CallsAbandQ Last30MinsGrowing N/A Yes
RouterCallsAbandQTo5 CallsAbandQ Last5Mins N/A Yes
RouterCallsAbandQToday CallsAbandQ OneDay N/A Yes
RouterCallsQNow CallsQNow Current,0 N/A Yes
RouterCallsQNowTime CallsQNowTime Current,0 N/A Yes
RouterLongestCallQ LongestCallQueue Current,0 N/A Yes
ServiceLevelAbandHalf ServiceLevelAband Last30MinsGrowing LessThan20Secs Yes
ServiceLevelAbandTo5 ServiceLevelAband Last5Mins LessThan20Secs Yes
ServiceLevelAbandToday ServiceLevelAband OneDay LessThan20Secs Yes
ServiceLevelCallsHalf ServiceLevelCalls Last30MinsGrowing LessThan20Secs Yes
ServiceLevelCallsTo5 ServiceLevelCalls Last5Mins LessThan20Secs Yes
ServiceLevelCallsToday ServiceLevelCalls OneDay LessThan20Secs Yes
ServiceLevelCallsOnHoldHalf ServiceLevelCallsOnHold Last30MinsGrowing GreaterThan20Secs Yes
ServiceLevelCallsOnHoldTo5 ServiceLevelCallsOnHold Last5Mins GreaterThan20Secs Yes
ServiceLevelCallsOnHoldToday ServiceLevelCallsOnHold OneDay,Growing GreaterThan20Secs Yes
ServiceLevelCallsQHeld ServiceLevelCallsQHeld Current,0 GreaterThan20Secs Yes
TalkTimeHalf TalkTimeQueue Last30MinsGrowing N/A Yes
TalkTimeTo5 TalkTimeQueue Last5Mins N/A Yes
TalkTimeToday TalkTimeQueue OneDay N/A Yes

Agent Statistics

The following Table lists agent statistics.

Metric Storage Column Stat Server Metric Time Profile Filtered
AgentState AgentState Current,0 No
DateTimeLogin DateTimeLogin Current,0 No
AgentVoiceReady VoiceAvail Current,0 No
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