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Agent Group Metrics

The following Table shows the list of all Advisors metrics retrieved for Contact Center Advisor and Workforce Advisor and maps the Advisors metrics to Stat Server metrics.

35px|link= Starting in release 8.5.0, 30mins and oneday metrics are no longer enabled by default.

Metric Storage Column Source Metric Time Profile Filtered
ACWStatusTo5 ACWStatus 5Mins,Sliding Yes
AnswerWaitTimeTo5 AnswerWaitTime 5Mins,Sliding Yes
Avail Avail Current,0 No
AvgHandledCallsTalkTimeTo5 AvgHandledCallsTalkTime 5Mins,Sliding Yes
AvgHandledCallsTimeTo5 AvgHandledCallsTime 5Mins,Sliding Yes
CallsAnsweredTo5 CallsAnswered 5Mins,Sliding Yes
CallsHandledHalf CallsHandled 30Mins,Growing Yes
CallsHandledTo5 CallsHandled Last5Mins Yes
CallsHandledToday CallsHandled OneDay,Growing Yes
CallsOfferedTo5 CallsOffered 5Mins,Sliding Yes
HandlingF1 CurrentNumberHandling Current,0 Yes
Hold Hold Current,0 Yes
LoggedOn LoggedOn Current,0 No
LoggedOnTimeTo5 LoggedOnTime 5Mins,Sliding No
LongestAvailAgent LongestAvailAgent Current,0 No
NotReady NotReady Current,0 No
PercentUtilizationTo5 PercentUtilization 5Mins,Sliding No
TalkAndHoldTimeTo5 TalkAndHoldTime 5Mins,Sliding Yes
Ready Ready Current,0 No
TalkingIn TalkingIn Current,0 Yes
TalkingOther TalkingOther Current,0 No
TalkingOut TalkingOut Current,0 No
TalkTimeHalf TalkTime 30Mins,Growing Yes
TalkTimeTo5 TalkTime 5Mins,Sliding Yes
TalkTimeToday TalkTime OneDay,Growing Yes
WorkReady WorkReady Current,0 No
WorkReadyTimeHalf WorkReadyTime 30Mins,Growing No
WorkReadyTimeTo5 WorkReadyTime 5Mins,Sliding No
WorkReadyTimeToday WorkReadyTime OneDay,Growing No
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