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Sample Business Processes

You might need to adjust business processes to work with your particular Genesys environment. For example, you might need to adjust the business processes to work with specific servers and agent groups that you have set up.

Genesys Driver for SMS and MMS includes the following sample business processes in the following folder: <DMS_folder>/media-channel-drivers/channel-smsmms/Business Process Examples.

Simple SMS Paging

The Simple SMS Paging business process shows how to receive and send SMS messages, and how to process SMS delivery reports. This business process uses a generic object to initiate the SendSMS request to an SMS driver/DMS pair. This generic object serves as an example on how to specify the ESP request.

MSGA SMS900 BP1.png

SMS Inbound

MSGA SMS900 BP2.png

SMS Outbound

This business process uses the "External Service" IRD object to send outbound messages.

MSGA SMS900 BP3.png

Apple Business Chat Simple MMS

This business process shows how to receive MMS messages.

MSGA SMS900 BP4.png

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