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Adding Business Insight


Some customizations are available when applying different routing strategies to different groups of customers.

Customer categorization in proactive events

  1. In Custom Fields, create a Value for a particular Knowledge Base.
    Creating a Value
  2. Store a business value in Custom Fields for each question in Knowledge Base:
    POSITIVE - Customer who needs additional information or help after observing the data. This could be a new client who is looking to purchase a service or request additional services.
    NEGATIVE - Customer who searched the info and refused service or found ways to create a claim.
    NEUTRAL - No potential positive or negative business impacts.
    Business Value
  3. This Custom Field and its Value is stored in the Knowledge UI page as a hidden attribute.
  4. Customize the DLS file to support proactive events on opened documents and attach the value of the Custom Field to the interaction. For example, when clicking the "I need more help" button we can invoke a new event and attach all required information to the interaction:
    <event id="Help" name="GKnowledge_Help">
        <trigger name="HelpTrigger" element=
    "DIV._gk-_wd-_doc-help-bt A" action="click" url="" count="1"/>
        <val name="gks_question" value="$('#searchContent').val()"/>
        <val name="gks_kbId" value="'knowledgefaq'"/>
        <val name="gks_session" value=
        <val name="gks_lang" value="'en'"/>
        <val name="gks_value" value=
  5. Add a new business rule to invoke a new proactive chat on this event:
    rule "Rule-101 Provide Help"
    salience 100000
        agenda-group "level0"
        dialect "mvel"
            $event1: Event(eval($event1.getName().equals('Help')))
            sendEvent($event1, ed, drools);
  6. During parsing, the new variable and its value are obtained from this interaction we can route the interaction using different branches of the business strategy:
    NEUTRAL - route via common strategy
    NEGATIVE - route with high priority to specific group with escalation specialists
    POSITIVE - route with high priority to marketing specialists
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