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Client-side Port Definition

Interaction Server and Interaction Server Proxy support client-side port definition with other eServices components as outlined in the following tables. In these tables, Interaction Server and Interaction Server Proxy listed in the first column are connecting to the components that are listed in the top row. Refer to the Genesys Security Deployment Guide for information about how to configure client-side port parameters.

Client-side Port 1 Connections

Connection Config Server Config Server Proxy Solution Control Server Message Server Interaction Server Universal Contact Server
Interaction Server Yes Yes N/A Yes Yes Yes
Interaction Server Proxy Yes Yes N/A Yes Yes N/A

Client-side Port 2 Connections

TLS Support 2

Connection UCS Proxy E-mail Server Chat Server SMS Server Social Messing Server Classification Server
Interaction Server N/A Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Client-side Port 3 Connections

Connection Web API Java Web API .NET DB Server Universal Routing Server Stat Server
Interaction Server N/A N/A No N/A Yes
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