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GWE - Engagement Summary Today Basic View


Genesys recommends that you use the List Widget to display the Engagement Summary Today information.

All Visits displays the total number of visits today—that is, since midnight. Note: Each user visit is counted separately. Specifically, if a user leaves the website and returns later, this will be counted as two visits.

Qualified shows the number of visits for which one or more Hot Lead events was sent to the engagement logic strategy during that visit. You must write rules that determine which visitors are qualified. After a visitor has been sent to the strategy, you can also apply further criteria for whether to engage with that visitor. In other words, not all qualified visitors will be engaged. Note: The Qualified amount in the Basic View is based on the number of Qualified visits, each of which may generate one or more Hot Lead events, as opposed to counting the number of Hot Lead events directly.

Offered is the number of invitations that were sent today. Note: Invitations are not necessarily sent to all Qualified visitors.

Accepted is the number of invitations that were accepted.

You can also display similar information in the Extended View.

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