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CCP Historical Call Log Reporting Services

This report describes the call events for completed calls in the Call Control Platform. Each report contains a manifest section.

Web Service Endpoint

This report is available at the web service endpoint /ems-rs/HIST/CDRs/CCP/events.

Input Parameters

This report accepts the following Request URI parameters:

Parameter Description
comp-id This describes the target component’s Config Server DBID. This may be specified one or zero times. All the CDRs returned in the report must have been processed on the specified component.
session-id This causes the report returns a single call with a matching session-id. This must be accompanied by a comp-id parameter. If session-id is specified, no other parameters other than these two should be specified.
gvp-guid This causes the report returns a single call with a matching GVP GUID. If this is specified, no other parameters should be specified.

At least one of session-id or gvp-guid must be specified.

page This specifies the page number to be returned. For this web service, the page size cannot be specified in the query itself, instead a platform-configured default is used.

Output Format

The output for this report consists of a list of events for some particular session, in chronological order. It conforms to the RelaxNG schema CDR_Events.rng. Download the GVP RNG Schemas An example report body for this report is as follows:

    <event timestamp="2010-02-03T06:39:10.302Z" level="METRIC" log-id="new_session" session-id="2C1CBC0E-3FE2-469F-16AF-6EC20961C378-9035BBF2-7DDE" comp-id="221">http://osiris.voicegenie.com/testscripts/RS/GVP80/Applications/Createccxml.ccxml|newcall|12FF9BAA-30FE-42A4-A6B9-F521C6C6935B</event> 
    <event timestamp="2010-02-03T06:39:10.317Z" level="METRIC" log-id="page_start" session-id="2C1CBC0E-3FE2-469F-16AF-6EC20961C378-9035BBF2-7DDE" comp-id="221">http://osiris.voicegenie.com/testscripts/RS/GVP80/Applications/Createccxml.ccxml</event> 
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