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CCP Historical Call Log Reporting Services

This report describes the call events for completed calls in the Call Control Platform. Each report contains a manifest section.

Web Service Endpoint

This report is available at the web service endpoint /ems-rs/HIST/CDRs/CCP/events.

Input Parameters

This report accepts the following Request URI parameters:

Parameter Description
comp-id This describes the target componentโ€™s Config Server DBID. This may be specified one or zero times. All the CDRs returned in the report must have been processed on the specified component.
session-id This causes the report returns a single call with a matching session-id. This must be accompanied by a comp-id parameter. If session-id is specified, no other parameters other than these two should be specified.
gvp-guid This causes the report returns a single call with a matching GVP GUID. If this is specified, no other parameters should be specified.

At least one of session-id or gvp-guid must be specified.

page This specifies the page number to be returned. For this web service, the page size cannot be specified in the query itself, instead a platform-configured default is used.

Output Format

The output for this report consists of a list of events for some particular session, in chronological order. It conforms to the RelaxNG schema CDR_Events.rng. Download the GVP RNG Schemas An example report body for this report is as follows:

    <event timestamp="2010-02-03T06:39:10.302Z" level="METRIC" log-id="new_session" session-id="2C1CBC0E-3FE2-469F-16AF-6EC20961C378-9035BBF2-7DDE" comp-id="221">http://osiris.voicegenie.com/testscripts/RS/GVP80/Applications/Createccxml.ccxml|newcall|12FF9BAA-30FE-42A4-A6B9-F521C6C6935B</event> 
    <event timestamp="2010-02-03T06:39:10.317Z" level="METRIC" log-id="page_start" session-id="2C1CBC0E-3FE2-469F-16AF-6EC20961C378-9035BBF2-7DDE" comp-id="221">http://osiris.voicegenie.com/testscripts/RS/GVP80/Applications/Createccxml.ccxml</event> 
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