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Reporting Server Web Services Introduction Page

This report describes all of the services available for this Reporting Server. Note: Because the Reporting Server supports a different set of services when it is running in "No DB" mode versus when it is running in normal mode, the set of Web Services returned by the Reporting Server will be different between these two modes.

Web Service Endpoint

This report is available at the root web service endpoint, that is; http://<address>:<port>/ of the Reporting Server web service.

Input Parameters

This report does not accept any input parameters.

Output Format

This report describes the services provided by the Reporting Server:

  • Product Name, Component name and version, and the API version.
  • For each web service endpoint provided by the Reporting Server, a detailed description of the web service, a list of all the parameters this web service endpoint supports, and a list of response codes and their meanings if the meaning of the response code deviates from what is described in RFC2616.

The report is based on the W3C submission Web Application Description Language (WADL) at http://www.w3.org/Submission/wadl/. When the WADL report is generated, it will contain an XML Stylesheet Processing Instruction, which will transform the XML file to an HTML page viewable by a browser.

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