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Social Media Cloud Connectors for Twitter and Facebook

Starting with Social Engagement 8.5.2, on-premise drivers point to connectors in the Genesys Cloud that interface with the Facebook and Twitter APIs.

Why Use the Social Media Cloud Connectors?

Prior to the release of Genesys Social Engagement 8.5.2, the APIs for Twitter and Facebook were installed on-premise at the customer’s site. The key problem experienced by customers around this architecture related to the volatility of the Twitter and Facebook APIs. It is often the case that Twitter and Facebook make changes to their APIs with minimal notice. The repercussions of these changes are often unknown until after they have been rolled out. By moving the Social Media Cloud API connectors to the Genesys Cloud, Genesys can track and apply changes to the APIs centrally and without the need to release hot-fixes; thus protecting you from the volatility and reducing the risk of unexpected service outages. When the drivers are managed in the cloud, Genesys has the opportunity to provide you with the latest versions of the APIs on a more consistent basis.

In 8.5.2 and later you can also benefit from the use of Social Analytics. Social Analytics allows users to delve into their social traffic and conversations and gain insights into trends and opportunities to improve service. In order to use Social Analytics, you need up to four months of data stored in the Genesys Cloud.

How Does it Work?


Inbound messages are pulled or streamed from Twitter and Facebook and simply passed to the Social Analytics Platform, and from there on to the Social Messaging Server where they are lined up for processing.

When a message (we call them all posts) is processed, it is placed in the database in a standard way that supports display of history, discovery of trends, review of reports in key metrics. The post is inserted into an existing conversation, or new conversation, if needed. It is then placed in a Queue for pickup by Driver clients, if not present already.

Outbound messages are also dispatched to Twitter and Facebook via the Social Analytics Platform.

Note that in order to make use of the Social Analytics reporting and dashboard capabilities, a copy of both inbound and outbound social data will be stored in the Social Analytics database for up to four months.

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