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Azure Deployment

Follow the steps below to deploy Genesys Skills Management to a Microsoft Azure account.

  1. Start Windows PowerShell.
  2. Browse to the Release package\Azure directory.
  3. Login to your Azure account by entering Login-AzureRmAccount and pressing Enter, then entering your credentials into the Login popup dialog.
  4. To obtain a full list of configuration parameters, run the command Get-Help .\Setup-GenesysSkillsManagementAzure.ps1 -Full
  5. Start the Setup-GenesysSkillsManagementAzure.ps1 script by entering .\Setup-PerformanceDnaAzure.ps1. The script will prompt for the following details:
    • Name - Specify the name of the web application here and press Enter.
    • SqlDatabasePassword – Specify the password for the database user here and press Enter. You must specify a password that meets the security and complexity requirements in place in your environment.
    • StartIPAddress – Address of the machine you’re installing from. We recommend using findmyip.org or similar service to find the machine’s external IP address. This is required to open firewall ports to the Azure SQL database during the deployment process.
    • Tenant Administrator Username and Password - If your tenant administrator password is invalid (for example, if it no longer meets length/complexity requirements), you will be asked to set a new password and, optionally, tenant administrator username.
    When prompted to confirm whether you want to update resources, enter ‘Y’ and click Enter.


When specifying the application name, be sure not to use the name of a web application that already exists as it will be deleted as part of the deployment process.

Crystal Reports functionality is not supported when deploying Skills Management to Microsoft Azure.

HTTPS is only supported with certain Azure accounts.

Auxiliary applications such as the DNAImport service and Learning Item auto-assignment application cannot be deployed to an Azure account.

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