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Undeploy Rule Package or Snapshot





Request Body

  "target": "GRE_Cluster",
  "comments":"Undeploy to QA servers"

Response Body

  "target": "GRE_Cluster",
  "deploymentId" : 3423322234,
  "comments":"Undeploy to QA servers"

HTTP Status Codes

  • 201 Created—Response body provided with deployment ID
  • 401 Unauthorized—APIToken not valid
  • 403 Forbidden—User does not have permission for the specified tenant or does not have proper permission to perform this operation.
  • 404 Not Found—could not find specified package ID


User must have PACKAGE_UNDEPLOY and SNAPSHOT_VIEW permissions.

  • target—Indicate which GRE or GRE Cluster you want to undeploy from. Use "Query Deploy Targets" to get the list of valid targets.


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