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Query Orphaned Rule Packages





Request body


Response body

"packages": [
"packageId": "fb8627c2-911f-4ec2-90c9-30c2e60c8839",
"name": "my.lost.pkg",
"type": "samples",
"businessName": "My Lost Package",
"description": "Lost but not forgotten",
"businessNodeId": "774",
"templates": [
{ "name": "GRSSplitTest", "version": 1, "type": null, "global": false, "changeComment": null, "lastModified": 0, "modifiedBy": null }

HTTP codes

  • 200 OK—Response body provided
  • 401 Unauthorized—APIToken not valid
  • 403 Forbidden—User does not have permission for the specified tenant
  • 503—Service Unavailable
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