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Use Case—Frequent Caller Interceptor


Jane is a Contact Center Manager. She is responsible for achieving a First Call Resolution rate of X%. In order to accomplish that, Jane needs to:

  • Know what the current First Call Resolution Rate is.
  • Be able to make changes that will positively impact the rate.


The proposed Genesys solution is to implement the Conversation Manager Use Case for Frequent Caller Interceptor. This use case will provide a rules package (in GRS) that:

  1. Call the IVR to check whether the calling customer has previously called within a specified timeframe; and, if so;
  2. Check for a good probability that this call is for the same reason.

The solution will allow Jane to determine what treatment to provide to customers that meet these conditions, such as Route to Supervisor, Route to Proactive Survey, or to send a specialized, focused Survey at the end of the interaction to find out why the customers had to call back more than once to resolve their issue. Conversation Manager Reports will keep Jane aware of her progress to increase First Call Resolutions.

Creating the Rule in GRAT—Linear Rule Example



This linear rule is Frequent Caller Interceptor. This is a simpler rule testing only one condition and action.

When the condition "Customer has had 3 services completed within the last 2 weeks" evaluates as true, then they are routed to the Customer Care skill group and are offered a survey.

Creating the Rule in GRAT—Decision Table Example



This decision table is Frequent Caller Interceptor. It is more complex and has three potential outcomes. It consists of a table of 3 decision table rows: DTR-107, DTR-108 and DTR-109.

  • In DTR-107, if the condition "Customer has had 1 BlueSky Check-in service within the last 2 days" evaluates true the customer is routed to the Regular Agents agent group. If not, DTR-108 is evaluated.
  • In DTR-108, if the condition "Customer has had 3 BlueSky Book Flight services within 1 week" evaluates true, the customer is routed to the Proactive Survey agent group. If not DTR-109 is evaluated.
  • In DTR-109, if the condition "Customer has had 5 of any BlueSky service within 3 months" evaluates true, the customer is routed to the Supervisors agent group. If not, the customer does not meet the Frequent Caller conditions described in the table.
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