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API Method Syntax Request Body Response Body HTTP Status Codes Notes
Query Parameters GET [+]Show N/A [+]Show
  • 200 OK—Response body provided
  • 401 Unauthorized—APIToken not valid
  • 403 Forbidden—User does not have permission for the specified tenant ID.
  • 404 Not Found—could not find specified package ID. Use Query Packages to obtain correct ID.
  • 503—Service Unavailable
Returns a list of parameter information based on the combination of all templates/versions assigned to the specified rule package.

For each parameter (eg, "age", "gender", etc) it returns the type, any constraints, and if a list of selectable values are returned, it returns the list of keys/values.

For constraints, integer/numeric parms can have lower/upper bounds rendered as: "constraints" : "0::99"

If there is no upper bound, lower bound 0: "constraints: : "0::"

No lower bound, upper bound 99: "constraints" : "::99"

Strings can have regex expressions such as: "constraints":">^\\d{5}$|^\\d{5}-\\d{4}$ ",

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