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Genesys Rules Authoring Tool Help

The Genesys Rules Authoring Tool (GRAT) is a browser-based application that enables you to create and edit business rules. Business rule authors use this tool to create, edit, or delete rules, and deploy them to either production or lab systems. The rules you create in the GRAT are based on rule templates that are either:

  • Created by business rule developers using the Genesys Rules Development Tool (GRDT); or;
  • Developed externally and imported directly into GRAT

All the functionality described here is available only to users who have the relevant permissions configured using role-based access control. Consult your system administrators if you do not have the permissions you need.

New in Release 8.5.2

Partial deployment and auto-synchronization are supported for clusters of GREs that are based on a new "smart" application cluster—Genesys_Rules_Engine_Application_Cluster. These clusters can also be configured to auto-synchronize later where initial deployments have been partial.

Partial deployment is also supported for existing clusters which don't support auto-synchronization—you can use manual re-deployment of rule packages where a node comes back online.

There are changes to the Deployment History to reflect partial deployments and the auto-synchronize function.

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