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Assigning Roles

Steps to assign Context Services roles to users.

Role-Based Access Control

If you need role-based access control for your Context Services queries, you must define a user which owns the Tasks privileges related to Context Services:

Name Description
Administrator Specifies write access for all CS APIs.
Administrator or Supervisor Specifies read access for all Context Services APIs.

You can get more information about roles and queries here.

Enabling the Role Options for Context Services

Purpose: Enable the Role-Based access for your Context Services API.

Prequisites: You already enabled the Context Services.


  1. Start Genesys Administrator (or the Configuration Manager) and navigate to PROVISIONING > Environment > Applications.
  2. Edit your Context Services application.
  3. Select the Options tab, and click New to create a new option.
    • Enter cview for the Section.
    • Enter use-role for the Name.
    • Enter true for the Value.
  4. Click OK.

Assigning Roles to the Context Services User

Prequisites: You already enabled Context Services.


  1. Start Genesys Administrator (or the Configuration Manager) and edit your user's properties.#
  2. Select the Annex tab, and create or edit the gms section.
  3. Create a roles option and enter the list of roles separated with commas.
  4. Click OK.
    Adding roles to a Context Services user.
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