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Role-Based Access Control

This page describes how you can implement the role-based access in the Context Services.


Through Configuration Manager or Genesys Administrator, you can define roles for your application built on top of the Context Services. To do this, you assign one or more roles to your users when creating your application's configuration in the Context Services. You are responsible for creating and defining these roles, where each role is a collection of Genesys Administrator Tasks associated with permissions.

<tabber> Context Services=

Rights for Context Services

Tasks related to Service management are available in GMS and may require specific permission set up in Genesys Administrator.

Starting 8.5.0, privileges are simplified.

Name Description
Administrator Specifies write access to all CS APIs.
Supervisor Specifies read access to all CS APIs.

The following table details the relationship between requests and privileges.

Privileges required per API operations:
HTTP Operation Required Permissions
PUT Administrator
POST Administrator
GET Administrator or Supervisor
DELETE Administrator

Click here to learn how to create roles and assign privileges.

|-| Rights for Customer Profiles=

Genesys Administrator Tasks for Customer Profiles in UCS

Tasks related to Customer management are available in UCS and require specific permission set up in Genesys Administrator.


Once authenticated, if the use-role option is set to true in the configuration (see the options defined in [authentication] Section) then the Universal Contact Server checks that each operation is allowed. If not, Error 403 forbidden is returned.



Mapping Genesys Administrator Task with Context Services

Operations can require that one or more Genesys Administrator Tasks are allowed, according to the type of data that the request modifies. If your application's role does not allow all of the rights required for a given operation, then the operation does not proceed.

For example, consider that your application performs a Create Customer Profile operation with extensions. If your application's role allows UCS.Customer.createProfile but not UCS.Customer.createProfileExtension then the profile is not created. Your application instead receives a HTTP 403 Forbidden error.

Operation Genesys Administrator Tasks
Profile Operations
Create Customer Profile

POST /profiles

  • UCS.Customer.createProfile
  • UCS.Customer.createProfileExtension (if extensions)
Delete Customer Profile

DELETE /profiles/${customer_id}

  • UCS.Customer.deleteCustomerProfile
Delete Record From Profile Extension
PUT /profiles/${customer_id}/extensions/${ext_name}/by/unique
  • UCS.Customer.deleteProfileExtension
Identify Customer
GET /profiles
  • UCS.Customer.readCustomerProfile
  • UCS.Customer.readProfileExtension (if include_extensions is specified in the query)
Insert Extension Records
POST /profiles/${customer_id}/extensions
  • UCS.Customer.createProfileExtension
Bulk Profile Import
POST /profiles/import
  • UCS.Customer.executeBulkImport
  • UCS.Customer.createProfile
  • UCS.Customer.createProfileExtension
Query Customer Profile
GET /profiles/${customer_id}
  • UCS.Customer.readCustomerProfile
  • UCS.Customer.readProfileExtension (if extensions)
Update Customer Profile
PUT /profiles/${customer_id}
  • UCS.Customer.updateCustomerProfile
  • UCS.Customer.updateProfileExtension (if extensions)
Merge Customer Profile
PUT /profiles/${customer_id}/merge/${src_id}/
  • UCS.Customer.mergeCustomerProfile
Update Record In Profile Extension
PUT /profiles/${customer_id}/extensions/${ext_name}/by/unique
  • UCS.Customer.updateProfileExtension
Schema Operations
Create Profile Extension Schema
POST /metadata/profiles/extensions
  • UCS.SchemaMgt.createProfileExtensionSchema
Create Identification Key
POST /metadata/identification-keys
  • UCS.SchemaMgt.createIdKeys
Get Identification Keys
GET /metadata/identification-keys
  • UCS.SchemaMgt.readIdKeys
Query Profile Schema
GET /metadata/profiles/
  • UCS.SchemaMgt.readProfileExtensionSchema
Query Profile Extension Schema
GET /metadata/profiles/extensions
Query Business Attribute Schema
GET /metadata/business-attributes/${business-attribute-name}
  • UCS.SchemaMgt.readBusinessAttributes
Get Metadata Cache
GET /metadata/cache
  • UCS.SchemaMgt.handleMetadata
Change Metadata Cache
PUT /metadata/cache
  • UCS.SchemaMgt.handleMetadata
Get Metadata
GET ${contenttype}} /metadata
  • UCS.SchemaMgt.handleMetadata
Delete Metadata Profile Extensions
DELETE /metadata/profiles/extensions/${extension-name}
  • UCS.SchemaMgt.deleteProfileExtensionSchema

Delete Metadata Identification Keys
DELETE /metadata/identification-keys/${id_key-name}
  • UCS.SchemaMgt.deleteIdKeys
Interaction Operations
Query Interactions
GET /customers/${customer_id}/interactions
GET /services/${service_id}/interactions
GET /interactions/${interaction_id}
  • UCS.SchemaMgt.readInteraction
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