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SIP Endpoint SDK for OS X QuickStart Application

The following features are not supported:
  • Video
  • IPv6
  • SIP Cluster
  • SIP Proxy

The easiest way to start using the SIP Endpoint SDK for OS X is with the bundled QuickStart application. This application ships in the same folder as the SDK and is supplied as both a double-clickable application in the /Bin folder and as source code in the form of an Xcode project located in the QuickStart/Src folder.

Running the QuickStart Application

You can try out the QuickStart application by running /Bin/QuickStart.app:

  1. Set your configuration settings by editing /Bin/SipEndpoint.config.
  2. Open and run /Bin/QuickStart.app.

Rebuilding the QuickStart Application from the Xcode Project

You can modify the QuickStart application by opening the QuickStart Xcode project, /QuickStart/Src/QuickStart.xcodeproj.

Before running your modified QuickStart application, you need to rebuild it in Xcode.

At that point, you can either run the application from within Xcode or you can double-click the application that is contained in the /Bin folder. When you rebuild the QuickStart project, the /Bin/Quickstart.app file is replaced with your modified QuickStart application.

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