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Verifying Installed SIP Endpoint SDK for OS X Components

The following features are not:
  • Video
  • IPv6
  • SIP Cluster
  • SIP Proxy


Verify SIP Endpoint SDK for OS X Installation

  1. Use the Finder to locate the folder that you unzipped during the SIP Endpoint SDK installation.
  2. Confirm that the SIP Endpoint SDK folder contains the following folders:

Folder Contents
/Bin This directory contains the pre-build QuickStart application.
/Doc The html folder inside this directory contains the SIP Endpoint SDK API Reference, which has detailed information about the structure and usage of the SIP Endpoint SDK for OS X.
/QuickStart Contains the source code for the QuickStart application. For more information about the sample application included with this release, see SIP Endpoint SDK OS X QuickStart Application.
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