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Verifying Installed SIP Endpoint SDK for .NET Components



Start of procedure

  1. Use your file manager to locate the destination directory for the SIP Endpoint SDK installation. It will be assumed that the default location, which is the C:\Program Files\GCTI\SIP Endpoint SDK directory, was used for this procedure.
  2. Confirm that your SIP Endpoint SDK components look similar to what is shown in the following image:
  3. Examine each folder (including the root installation folder) to confirm their contents. The SIP Endpoint SDK Folder Contents table below gives a description of the expected result.

End of procedure

Next Steps

  • None
SIP Endpoint SDK Folder Contents
Folder Contents
\ The root directory contains the following two files:
  • ip_description.xml—This file contains data for the read_me.html file.
  • read_me.html—This Read Me file identifies the build number, platform compatibility, and a link to the latest Release Note.
\Bin This directory contains the .NET libraries (.dll files) for the .NET version of the Enterprise SDK.
\Configuration Contains a template copy of the SipEndpoint.config file used by the SIP Endpoint SDK to specify configuration details.

Information.png Note: The QuickStart application included with this SDK has a distinct copy of the configuration file that can be edited and tested without making changes to this template file.

\Doc This directory contains the SIP Endpoint SDK API Reference (SipEndpointNet.chm), which has detailed information about structure and usage of the SIP Endpoint SDK. This directory also contains the Elements C++ SDK Release Note and Third Party Software Notices.
\QuickStartExe A compiled and ready to run version of the SIP Endpoint SDK QuickStart application. <ref name="quickstart">For more information about the QuickStart application included with this release, see Using the QuickStart Application.</ref>
\QuickStartWinForm Visual Studio source files for the SIP Endpoint SDK QuickStart application.<ref name="quickstart" />

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