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Genesys Pulse Collector Release Notes

Release Date Release Type Restrictions AIX Linux Solaris Windows
02/06/15 Hot Fix X X

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What's New

This release contains only resolved issues.

Resolved Issues

Genesys Pulse Collector no longer hangs if you stop it (for example, using kill <pid> or kill -15 <pid> commands) while it opens statistics for many layouts (which typically happens during initialization). (WBRT-5046)

Genesys Pulse Collector now correctly requests CurrentState statistics on the 32-bit Stat Server for Linux. (WBRT-5038)

The snapshot-log-level and collector-snapshot-log-level configuration options in the [output] section have three new valid values, which allow you to filter messages:

  • Fatal—filter all messages below fatal (ERROR and lower)
  • Unknown—filter all messages below Unknown level (FATAL and lower)
  • None—filter all messages

The valid values are now: Debug, Info, Warning, Error, Fatal, Unknown, None (case-insensitive).


Genesys Pulse Collector now appropriately removes agents from layouts based on the virtual agent groups. Previously, for earlier 8.5.000.xx releases, when the virtual agent group was included in more than one widget, Collector might fail to remove an agent from the virtual agent group when the agent no longer satisfied the virtual agent group condition. (WBRT-4940)

Upgrade Notes

Refer to the Deployment Procedure for this release to deploy the installation package within your environment.

Supported Languages

See Release 8.5.1 Translation Support.

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