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Installing Platform SDK

Installation Overview

Before you begin with the installation process, be sure that your environment meets the minimum requirements specified on Planning Your Platform SDK Deployment.

Installing Platform SDK is a simple process. No special configuration is required before installation, although you will need an understanding of your Genesys environment before starting development. Once the installation is complete, your Platform SDK deployment should be verified. For more information refer to Next Steps.

Java Installation Considerations for UNIX

Take the following into consideration for a Java deployment on a UNIX-based operating system:

  • To terminate your installation process, avoid the use of Ctrl+C. Instead, use the character defined by your site administrator to send an interrupt signal.
  • If you choose an installation directory that already exists, and which has files in it, you cannot opt for an alternative directory without terminating the installation process.
  • If you decide to use a shell script to perform your installation, you may want your script to include the following logic:
    1. If the selected directory already has files in it, suspend the installation and then launch a new shell job to examine the unexpected directory.
    2. If that directory cannot be reused, terminate the installation.
    3. If that directory can be reused, continue with the original installation.


Purpose: To install Platform SDK in your environment.

Start of Procedure

  1. In your installation package, locate and double-click the setup application (setup.exe or install.sh file) under the folder for your development platform and operating system of choice to start the Genesys Installation Wizard.
  2. Click Next at the welcome screen.
  3. Read the Genesys License Agreement, and select the checkbox to accept the terms and conditions described.
  4. Click Next to continue with the installation.
    The Choose Destination Location dialog appears, showing the default destination. For Windows installations, the default directory is:
    C:\Program Files\GCTI\Platform SDK for <.NET/Java> 9.0
  5. Click Next to accept the default destination folder.
    If you wish to install Platform SDK in a location other the default directory, complete the following steps:
    1. Click Browse to open the Choose Folder dialog.
    2. Navigate to and select a directory path.
    3. Click OK to return to the Choose Destination Location dialog.
    4. Click Next to accept the destination folder that you have selected.
  6. Click Install at the Ready to Install dialog.
    The Wizard installs the Platform SDK, and all associated files, in the directory you selected. When the installation is finished, the Installation Complete dialog appears.
  7. Click Finish.

End of Procedure

Next Steps

Although the installation is complete, there are several additional steps required before using the Platform SDKs.

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