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Other Usages of SCXML Treatments

One important feature of SCXML treatments is the ability to define variables that are used later in the script to specify different actions. You define these values in the script. You can also specify their values. Whether or not you decide to specify the variable values, you can also specify the values in the treatment-uri option to enable you to reuse the same treatment for different Calling Lists/Campaigns and their individual needs.

You can design the treatment script with variables for data such as the following:

  • First contact type--Enables you to specify the contact type that OCS first attempts when contacting a customer. One example of a variable definition might be start_contact_type.
  • Number of dial attempts--Enables you to specify the number of dial attempts made for a customer or contact type
  • Call result--Enables you to specify an action in response to different call results.
Note: For script examples, see sample02.scxml, sample04.scxml and sample05.scxml, which are sample treatment scripts that are installed when you install OCS. These scripts are located in the scxml folder.
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