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Sample UI


The Sample UI is based on backbone.js and divided into three parts:

location: gks-sample-ui.war/modules/knowledge_agent/

  • UI Widgets — atomic modules that responsible for key UI elements (such as: search panel, search result view, document view).

location: gks-sample-ui.war/modules/widgets/

  • The Sample-UI itself — combination of the first two and the logic of their interactions.

location: gks-sample-ui.war/

Templates Hierarchy

UI Overview
Templates hierarchy and available widgets

Page Descriptions

Name Routing Description
Home Page # The welcome page of the Sample UI. Displays list of Top questions and associated categories.
Search result page #category/:categoryId/search/:searchQuery The results of a search. Displays relevant documents based on search query and associated to them categories.
Browsing page #category/:categoryId/search/ Categories browsing. Displays documents in a specific category as well as other documents associated to them in other categories.
Document page #kbId/:kbId/document/:documentId Full document info. Displays full content of the specific document. In case of click directly after search, this page also contains a voting area and a help button.
Categories page #categories A list of available categories. Displays all available categories and provides their browsing capability.
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