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The following prerequisites must be met before you can install and configure Workspace Web Edition & Web Services:

  • The Genesys Platform has been installed, configured, and tested.
  • Jetty version 8 has been installed and configured.
  • Cassandra has been installed and configured.

Cassandra Installation and Configuration

Cassandra is mandatory for Workspace Web Edition & Web Services and must be installed and configured prior to starting the installation and configuration of Workspace Web Edition & Web Services. The following steps are intended to serve as a quick guide to installing and configuring Cassandra support for Workspace Web Edition & Web Services. For more details, or for advanced scenarios, refer to the Cassandra documentation.

Installing Cassandra

Start of Procedure

  1. Download the latest 1.1.x version of Cassandra.
  2. Copy the Cassandra archive to the installation directory. For example, /usr/local
  3. Use a tar utility to extract the files. For example, tar -zxvf apache-cassandra-1.1.11-bin.tar.gz
  4. Add directories for data, commitlog, saved_caches, and logs.
  5. Make Cassandra a service.

End of Procedure

Next Steps

Configuring Cassandra

DevGuide2.png Purpose: Modify the default configuration.

Start of Procedure

  1. Modify the cassandra.yaml file:
    1. Set cluster_name. It must be the same name on all nodes.
    2. Set initial_token according to the place in ring. It must be one of the following:
    3. Node #1:                                        0
      Node #2:   56713727820156410577229101238628035242
      Node #3:  113427455640312821154458202477256070484
    4. Set seeds to the list of host names of all nodes. For example: -seeds: “node1, node2, node3”
    5. Set listen_address and rpc_address to the host name.
    6. Set data_file_directories, commitlog_directory, and saved_caches_directory according to the created directories.
    7. Change endpoint_snitch to PropertyFileSnitch.
  2. Modify the log4j-server.properties file by setting the log4j.appender.R.File according to the created folder.
  3. Modify the cassandra-topology.properties file by updating the cluster topology to match the following:
  4. node1=AZ1:RAC1

End of Procedure

Next Steps

Verifying the Cassandra Installation

Start of Procedure

  1. Start all Cassandra nodes.
  2. Use the nodetool utility to verify that all nodes have connected by entering the following command:
[cassandra install dir]/bin/nodetool -h [cassandra host] ring 

End of Procedure

Client-side Browser Support

Workspace Web Edition agent interface is accessed by a web browser. The following browsers are supported:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 10
  • Google Chrome
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