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Info Mart Database Replication

About Oracle GoldenGate

Genesys recommends that you use Oracle GoldenGate to achieve database replication for Genesys Info Mart in the active-standby architecture. Oracle GoldenGate was selected as the replication tool because it is able to replicate a subset of database tables, thus saving the bandwidth that is required for data replication.

Note: Genesys has verified the Info Mart replication with Oracle GoldenGate version

Tables Excluded from Replication

The Info Mart database in a large environment grows over time to a significant size. A large portion of the Info Mart tables contain raw data that Genesys Info Mart uses for internal processing and that is not suitable for end-user reports. For this reason, Genesys recommends that you limit the set of tables that are replicated to the standby site, replicating only the dimensional model and aggregate tables, and excluding from replication all Temporary tables, as well as certain GIDB, Merge, Staging, and Control tables.

Genesys recommends that you exclude the following tables from Oracle GoldenGate database replication—with regard to both the data (DML) and schema (DDL) changes—for performance reasons.

Temporary tables

Exclude all Temporary tables (that is, all tables that have names that start with TMP_*).

GIDB tables
Exclude the majority of GIDB tables.

[+] See tables

Aggregate tables

In deployments with RAA/GI2, exclude certain aggregate tables.

[+] See tables

Merge tables

Exclude the majority of Merge tables.

[+] See tables

Staging tables

Exclude several Staging tables.

[+] See tables

Control tables

Exclude certain Control tables.

[+] See tables

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