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Related Procedures

The procedures in this section are not required to upgrade Genesys Administrator Extension but might contain useful reference information.

Install Genesys Administration Extension Server


  • The environment variable JRE_HOME has been configured (see the Genesys Administrator Extension Deployment Guide).


  1. Copy the GAX IP to the host machine.
  2. If you are installing on Linux, navigate to the folder to which you copied the IP, and change the permissions of the installation file by entering the following command: chmod 755 install.sh
  3. Run the installation file to extract and copy the necessary files by entering ./install.sh (on Linux), or ./setup.exe (on Windows Server).
    When you install GAX on a Linux host, you might receive the following error message indicating installation was unsuccessful:

    Unable to find configuration information. Either you have not used configuration wizards and the GCTISetup.ini file was not created or the file is corrupted.

    Ignore this message; Genesys Administrator Extension has been installed successfully.
  4. Navigate to the folder in which you installed GAX, and run the gax_startup.sh file (on Linux), or the gax_startup.bat file (on Windows Server).

Add a Connection to Solution Control Server from GAX

Use this procedure If you want the System Dashboard feature in GAX to function.

  1. In GAX, go to Configuration Manager.
  2. Hover over the Environment icon and select Applications in the pop-up list.
  3. From the list of Applications, open the Application object for GAX.
  4. In the GAX Application object details window, open the Connections tab and click Add.
  5. In the Connection Properties window, enter information about the connection to SCS. Refer to GAX Help for more information about how to configure a connection.
  6. Click OK.
  7. Click Save.
  8. Restart GAX.
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