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Genesys Pulse Deployment Guide

Genesys Pulse is a Genesys Administrator Extension (GAX) plug-in application that enables at-a-glance views of real-time contact center statistics within the GAX graphical user interface. On the Genesys Pulse dashboard, widgets display user-defined Donut, Grid, Key Performance Indicator (KPI), or List charts of statistics for objects. You can view and select additional details and options by expanding a widget. Once maximized, you can choose a Stacked Bar, Grouped Bar, Grid or Line Chart view. You can also sort the data, select which objects to include, and edit the widget. See the Genesys Pulse Help for an overview of how to use Genesys Pulse.

This Deployment Guide provides instructions for a new installation of Genesys Pulse. To migrate from an earlier version of Genesys Pulse, start with the Genesys Pulse Deployment Procedure.

About Genesys Pulse

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Starting and Stopping

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