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Currently, the following limitations are present for EX Engage Connector:

  • EX Engage Connector can connect to the Engage contact center where configuration is stored in Oracle, PostgreSQLs or Microsoft SQL Server databases.
  • EX Engage Connector can work only with a single Engage tenant. If customers use Engage multi-tenant Config DB and have multiple tenants provisioned, then they should select one of the tenants for the EX integration and provision this tenant accordingly.
  • EX Engage Connector requires a call routed to an agent to go through a VQ DN, which is configured to be mapped to the GC EX Org as an ACD Queue. Call distributed to agents without involving a VQ DN (for example, through an Engage ACD queue) may not be injected into the GC EX Org correctly.
  • EX integration supports injection of voice interactions only. To optimize efficiency of the WFM and Gamification services it is recommended to avoid adding digital or blended (voice/digital) agents to the EX integration scope.
  • Currently, EX Engage Connector supports only ISCC transaction type 'route'."
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