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Currently, the following limitations are present for EX Engage Connector:

  • EX Engage Connector can connect to the Engage contact center where configuration is stored in Oracle, PostgreSQL or Microsoft SQL Server databases.
  • EX Engage Connector can work only with a single Engage tenant. If customers use Engage multi-tenant Config DB and have multiple tenants provisioned, then they should select one of the tenants for the EX integration and provision this tenant accordingly.
  • EX Engage Connector requires a call routed to an agent to go through a VQ DN, which is configured to be mapped to the GC EX Org as an ACD Queue. Call distributed to agents without involving a VQ DN (for example, through an Engage ACD queue) may not be injected into the GC EX Org correctly.
  • EX integration supports injection of voice interactions only. To optimize efficiency of the WFM and Gamification services it is recommended to avoid adding digital or blended (voice/digital) agents to the EX integration scope.
  • The internal call between agents in same site are not reported to GC EX and these calls are ignored.
  • The call overflow (COF) feature is not yet supported.
  • The Speech and Test Analytics feature supports the default language and program only. It is not enabled for Consult calls and Transfer Complete calls.
  • If MCP exhausts its retry attempts and fails to upload a voice recording to the WebDAV storage due to some failure, then the recording is not injected to GC.
  • The following Engage call scenarios are not injected to GC: ASM outbound campaign calls, internal calls, and calls to DNs with no agent logged in. If those calls are recorded, then those recordings are not injected to GC.
  • If an Engage call enters a Monitoring Suspension Mode in EXCP and recordings are produced for the Engage parties, which are not injected into the GC, then those recordings are still injected to GC and linked to the first party in this call.
  • Recordings can be fetched from multiple Engage data centers, but they are all stored in one AWS region where EX Org is provisioned.
  • The Engage recording file name is restricted to 80 characters as Genesys Cloud API supports only up to 80 characters for recording file names.
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