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Deploying Interaction Server 8.5.x

Apart from the information provided on this page, Interaction Server 8.5.x is deployed in the same way as in previous releases.

UTF-8 Support

Interaction Server supports UTF-8 encoding on UNIX and, starting with release 8.5.1, on Windows platforms. Generally, the server follows the locale setting of the operating system: on UNIX platforms, the LANG environment variable; on Windows, the system locale in the Control Panel settings.

Starting with release 8.5.1, Interaction Server automatically detects the UTF-8 mode of Genesys Configuration Server and overrides its own locale to UTF-8 on all platforms. In this case, both Genesys Configuration Server and Interaction Server use UTF-8 encoding internally and for communication. For a non-UTF-8 Configuration Server, it is important to have the same system locale setting on all systems that run Genesys components in order for all components to use and communicate with the same ANSI or UTF-8 encoding.

It is possible, but not recommended, to override Interaction Server's locale setting by using the command line argument -codepage <locale name>. This might be useful in a situation, for example, in which all components use UTF-8 encoding except for a legacy, non-UTF-8 Configuration Server.

Note that Windows does not natively support the UTF-8 locale and it is not possible to set the system locale in the Control Panel to UTF-8. In this case, the command line argument -codepage en_US.UTF-8 (or simply -codepage UTF-8) can be used to override Interaction Server's locale. Again, this is not necessary with a UTF-8 Configuration Server, since Interaction Server can detect that automatically.

Database Connection

Interaction Server offers the following ways to connect to its database:

  • With ODBC.
  • (Interaction Server 8.5.1/8.5.2 only) With DB Server—This configuration is the one used in releases 8.5.0 and earlier. It makes use of two configuration objects, a DAP and a DB Server instance, and is described in earlier versions of this Deployment Guide and in the Management Framework documentation.
Interaction Server 8.5.3 and higher does not support DB Server. Refer to Migrating to ODBC from DB Server for more information.

Multiple Interaction Servers

There are two ways to do configure multiple Interact Servers within a single tenant:

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