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SMS Delivery Report Sample Business Process

Interaction Workflow Samples includes the "ABC Simple SMS Paging" Business Process, which provides a means for processing SMS delivery reports.


The logic of the delivery report process is as follows:

  1. Requesting SMS delivery report—The SMS delivery report request may be configured on two levels:
    • For an outbound strategy, use the Send SMS Out block
    • SMS Server options.

    If the corresponding parameter is explicitly set in the Send SMS Out block in the strategy, SMS Server is acting according to when it receives ESP request from the strategy. If the parameter is not defined in an ESP request, SMS Server uses its configuration option for requesting a delivery report. Sending a message to the SMS Center, SMS server may request:

    • A report for any delivery result: successful or failed.
    • A report for failed delivery only (or does not request a report at all), according to the ESP request or the Server configuration.
      If a delivery report is requested by SMS Server, the outbound strategy places the interaction in the Awaiting queue; otherwise, the interaction is stopped.
  2. Processing a delivery report—When SMS Server receives a requested delivery report from the SMS Center, it submits the interaction to the Inbound queue, providing a special key in user data to identify the delivery report. The delivery report is recognized and parsed by the inbound strategy. The original outbound interaction is marked for processing in the Awaiting strategy.
  3. Processing in the Awaiting strategy—Processing of interactions in the Awaiting queue by the Awaiting strategy may be initiated in two ways:
    • The inbound strategy marks the interaction in the Awaiting queue.
    • The timeout in the Ready view of the queue has expired.
    The interaction is treated accordingly to expected and received reports. In successful scenarios, the interaction is stopped; otherwise, it is placed in the SMS Failed queue.
  4. Processing in the SMS Failed strategy—The strategy outputs an error message and stops interaction processing.
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