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Platforms and services (from Michael)

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Cloud (service) = any Genesys-hosted service. It could be PureEngage only, PureCloud only, or PureConnect only, or some combination of all three. (And, if all three, it would be a “common microservice".)

Private cloud = a situation where a customer sets up their own data center and loads our software into it (via Docker and Kubernetes), such that their employees experience it as a cloud/web service. In this case it is not being monitored by us; it is not a Genesys-hosted service. It is a customer-hosted service, one over which they have full control. In this scenario, only PureEngage and, potentially, PureConnect are available. PureEngage needs to make this an important part of its offering since it will play into the vision for current on-prem customers who don’t want to move fully to the cloud, but who do want our newer features and services.

On Prem means that a customer is downloading our software by ftp and loading it into their own servers in a very traditional way. Not all features will be available to customers who retain this architecture going forward. PureEngage and PureConnect both offer this.

Cloud First means that a service which Genesys hosts will also be available via ftp download (as a Docker image) for those customers who want the newer features that the Cloud first services offers, in addition to their existing Genesys deployment. They will host the software on their own servers, presumably as a mix of their current on prem system and those newer features that Genesys provides. This is a nod to older/current customers who are not interested moving completely to the Cloud, but who still want to take advantage of new features and capabilities, or even fixes to some of our software. PureEngage and PureConnect will offer this.

Hybrid = a situation where a customer has the on-prem Genesys deployment, or perhaps a private cloud, but who also wants to take advantage of Genesys-hosted “cloud only” microservices. These customers would connect to the Genesys Cloud to add that feature’s capabilities to their implementation.

Common Cloud is a Genesys-hosted set of services available to all three platforms.

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