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Genesys Task Routing

This page provides a high-level overview of Genesys Task Routing and the steps you must complete to implement it for your contact center.

Genesys Task Routing allows you to submit workitems to Genesys from an external source, such as Salesforce or NetSuite. Once these external workitems are entered in the Genesys system, you can treat them like other Genesys interactions. For example, you can route workitems to the best-skilled agent using a Designer application. You can also get interactions that were processed by an agent in Agent Desktop, including automated third-party application screen pop-up. Reporting is also available through GCXI.

Genesys Task Routing is integrated with other Genesys solutions and it can support blended agents handling chat, email, voice and so on, at they same time they manage workitems.

At a high level, you'll need to complete the following steps to implement Genesys Task Routing:

  • Use the Open Media API to submit workitems to Genesys. You can also use this API to get, update and stop submitted workitems.
  • Configure a Capture Point (service) in Agent Setup.
  • Define the routing application in Designer.
  • Associated the Capture Point and routing application in Designer. Note: You can associate more than one Capture Point with the same routing application.

Getting started

You should be able to complete most of the steps below on your own, but sometimes you'll need help from Genesys. We'll let you know when a task requires extra help from a Genesys representative.

Complete the following steps to implement Genesys Task Routing.

  1. Define agents and agent groups.
  2. Configure Agent Desktop in Agent Setup.
  3. Create a Capture Point in Agent Setup.
  4. Create a routing application in Designer.
  5. Integrate third-party applications with Genesys using the Open Media API and Agent Desktop.

Define agents and agent groups

Use Agent Setup to define agents and agent groups, and make sure to enable the Open Media channel for the agents.

Next, work with your Genesys representative to define a capacity rule and then assign it in Agent Setup.

Configure Agent Desktop

You should go through the normal process to configure any necessary desktop options for the agents in your call center.

Pay special attention to the following options:

Create a Capture Point

Contact your Genesys representative to create a Capture Point.

Create a routing application

For more information about creating a routing application in Designer, see the documentation. Genesys Task Routing also includes a sample Designer application to show one of the possible scenarios. Check out the sample application documentation for more information.

Next, link your new routing application to the Capture Point you created previously.

Integrate third-party applications

A third-party application can interaction with Genesys Task Routing through the Open Media API and the Service Client API.

You'll need to develop a third-party system adapter that can create and stop workitems using the Open Media API. It should also update and retrieve information about a workitem, if needed.

The typical workflow is as follows:

  1. The third-party application creates a workitem through the Open Media API.
  2. The third-party application updates and/or retrieves the interaction through the Open Media API (if needed).
  3. The third-party application stops the interaction.

There are two ways for the third-party application to stop an interaction:

A sample application that demonstrates using the Open Media API and the Service Client API is available through your Genesys representative.

Configure GTR for third-party application screen pop-up

You can configure Genesys Task Routing to enable a third-party application screen pop-up inside Agent Desktop when an agent accepts a task. There are two ways to do it:

  1. Pop-up a third-party application screen for all media types. This approach works well when an agent is handling only workitems. See the Agent Setup documentation for details.
  2. Pop-up a third-party application screen for only workitems. This approach works well when an agent handles multiple media types and the third-party pop-up should only happen for workitems. You'll need to work with your Genesys representative to configure this approach.
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