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This is the base class for the Grtc namespace. It only contains static methods. There is no need to instantiate this class.

Static Variables

The following log levels are defined to be used with the Grtc.Client methond setLogLevel(). The numeric values of these levels increase in this order:


Static Methods

getWebrtcDetectedBrowser ( )

This method can be called to get the client browser type.

getWebrtcDetectedVersion ( )

This method can be called to get the client browser version.


The following example demonstrates the use of both getWebrtcDetectedBrowser() and getWebrtcDetectedVersion().

console.log("Browser Detected: " + Grtc.getWebrtcDetectedBrowser() + " " + Grtc.getWebrtcDetectedVersion());

The output from this statement might look something like this:

Browser Detected: firefox 29

isWebrtcSupported ( )

This method can be called to check whether the client browser supports WebRTC. The return type is boolean.


if (Grtc.isWebrtcSupported()) {
    // webrtc supported by browser
    // ... do whatever processing needed ...
} else {
    // webrtc not supported by browser; warn the user
    alert("Webrtc not supported by the browser in use.”);
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