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Recording Processor Script Release Notes

Release Date Release Type Restrictions AIX Linux Solaris Windows
06/29/16 General X X

What's New

This release contains the following new features and enhancements:

  • The Recording Processor Script (RPS) now supports the --id and --port command-line arguments. As a result, the configuration file can be shared by multiple instances of the RPS running on the same machine.
  • RPS now includes a recovery script that recovers the scripts from the MCP failed folder, to reprocess the recordings.
    To execute the script use the following command: rePost_from_MCP_to_RPandStorage.py <TenantName> <Local Path> [<username>:<password>]
  • RPS now uses a standard naming convention for log file names. The names now include the .log suffix and timestamp.
  • RPS now supports partitions for interaction segments. RPS searches for a specific key in the media file metadata (for example, partitions=sales) as a way to override the partition(s) information already provided by the interaction level attached GRECORD_PARTITIONS data . The value is evaluated as a comma-delimited list and set as an array of partitions in the segment's media file partitions property. This feature is enabled through the get_call_segment_partition under the Processing section of the configuration, and is disabled by default.

  • Resolved Issues

    This release contains the following resolved issues:

    Recording Processor Script (RPS) now supports the include_unknown_agents parameter under the Processing section. When include_unknown_agents is set to false, eventHistory is excluded from the metadata if the agent is unknown. The default value is true.
    Note: If an agent participated in the call and was not recorded, the same agent will not be shown in the SpeechMiner interface. (GIR-6119)

    RPS now correctly sets agent hierarchy in the metadata when Person, AgentLogin have the same dbid, and AgentLogin is deleted. (GIR-5719)

    RPS's default TCP socket timeout limit ([rp_server] socket_timeout) is now 10, which is sufficient to work with the Apache Load Balancer and no longer causes a failure on the receiving metadata POST. (GIR-4520)

    RPS's default value for [logfile] log_backup_count is now 100. (GIR-4469)

    Upgrade Notes

    No special procedure is required to upgrade to release

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